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1 religious ministers collectively (especially Presbyterian)
2 building where the business of a government ministry is transacted
3 a government department under the direction of a minister

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  1. The active practice and education of a particular religion or faith. See also: minister
  2. Government department in a regal system (eg the current UK system)
    She works for the ministry of finance.
  3. The complete body of government ministers (whether or not they are in cabinet) under the leadership of a prime minister


government department
  • Czech: ministerstvo
  • Finnish: ministeriö
  • German: Ministerium
  • Greek: υπουργείο (ypourgeío)
  • Spanish: ministerio

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Sacred College, administration, advisory council, agency, agent, aid, assistance, attendance, auspices, bailiwick, benefit, bureau, bureaucracy, cabinet, camarilla, care, channel, charge, clergy, clerical order, clericals, comfort, commissariat, constablery, constablewick, constabulary, council, council of state, cure, custodianship, custody, department, directorate, divan, ease, employ, employment, good offices, governance, government, guardianship, guidance, hands, help, hierarchy, higher echelons, higher-ups, holy orders, instrument, instrumentality, instrumentation, jurisdiction, keeping, kitchen cabinet, management, mean, medium, ministration, municipality, office, offices, officialdom, organ, oversight, pastorage, pastorate, pastorship, patronage, peonage, prelacy, presbytery, priestery, priesthood, privy council, protection, protectorship, rabbinate, relief, religion, remedy, rescue, ruling class, ruling classes, sacred calling, safe hands, secretariat, serfdom, service, servitium, servitorship, servitude, shadow cabinet, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shrievalty, slavery, stewardship, succor, support, tendance, the Establishment, the administration, the authorities, the church, the cloth, the ingroup, the interests, the people upstairs, the power elite, the power structure, the pulpit, the top, them, therapy, they, top brass, tutelage, vehicle, ward, wardenship, wardship, watch and ward, wing
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